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Since 2009, FibreMax has been the producer of the world’s strongest synthetic cables in Joure, the Netherlands. With the help of our unique and patented production process, we produce lightweight pendants and tendons with the highest efficiency possible. Our cables are custom-made for every customer, with every fibre possible.

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Thanks to our production process, we get the highest yield from every fibre. As a result, our FibreMax cables have the highest possible efficiency, lowest weight and exact lengths.

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“We build the future: We lower emissions with reduced weight, last longer than any crane ever will, all the while making the strongest cables in the world. That’s our mission; we never do less.”

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1. Cranes

Today’s crane business focuses on heavy lifts at increasing reach and heights. Lifting offshore structures, power plant jobs, nuclear work, infrastructure projects, and windmill erection calls for cranes that reach increasing heights. But with these increasing heights and subsequently increasing boom lengths also weight increases.

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2. Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy sources are more and more sought after. In a drive to reduce the carbon footprint of energy production, governments and utility companies have been spending time, effort and lots of money toward the development of ‘green’ energy sources. An additional reason for developing alternative sources of energy is political. Countries depending on energy import seek independence from countries that sell their natural resources for financial gain and political influence.

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3. Mining & Rigging

Surface mining is considered an extremely harsh and demanding environment. Surface mining relies strongly on the availability and effectiveness of critical assets, such as draglines and rope shovels. Depending on the size of the equipment and the type of material being mined, the hourly loss of revenue resulting from inefficient operations, failure, or unplanned maintenance is considerable.

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4. Structural Engineering

The know-how of FibreMax with respect to cable constructions, characteristics, cable behaviour, end fittings, dimensions and tolerances as well as our experience is of great importance in the world of  “heavy lifting”.

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5. Other Applications

We, as FibreMax, are the recognised worldwide leader in producing customised high-performance fibre cable solutions. With our experience, expertise and technology, our engineers can translate your requirements and needs into cable solutions meeting your complex challenges.

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