The future is green

Renewable energy sources are an upcoming topic on a global scale. In a drive to reduce the carbon footprint of fossil fuel-intensive practices, governments and utility companies have been spending time, effort and lots of money towards the development of green energy sources.

Wind energy, wave and tidal energy are great examples of such where FibreMax pushes to expand the field of possibilities. After the development of wind farms, both shallow and offshore, the focus has shifted to deeper waters. The renewable energy market is urgently searching for a long-time lasting product with a low need for maintenance, constantly delivering at the highest level. But the search ends now: The solution is FibreMax!

Your benefit in choosing the
strongest tendon in the world

  • Weight reduction by 80 per cent
  • 30+ years service life
  • No maintenance and easy handling
  • Over 7,5 million full load cycles
  • No tensioners needed

The strongest tendon
for every application

FibreMax tethers are the first choice for attaching Tension Leg Platforms and wave buoys since they can withstand millions of load cycles and allow easy handling and installation.

At the forefront of the energy transition

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