Structures supported by synthetic cables are well used in modern architecture due to their attractive design possibilities and structural advantages compared to steel and concrete. Synthetic cable structures are light and elegant. Whether bridges, roof structures or towers, each construction demands high dimensional accuracy, design, and production standards. Our knowledge of cable constructions, characteristics, behaviour, end fittings, dimensions, and tolerance benefits engineers and designers during cable-supported structures' planning and designing process.

Cable-stayed bridges or suspension bridges are exceptionally economical for medium- to long-spanned bridges from 100 to 3500 metres. For smaller bridges, such as footbridges, a solution in the form of our FibreMax lightweight precision cables might be the best choice in terms of weight reduction or aesthetical reasons.

Also, telecommunication towers or antennas can be stabilised using our FibreMax lightweight cables due to the improved handling, non-corrosive properties and lack of electrical conduction.

lightweight cables

FibreMax offers lightweight precision cables for several structures, such as:

  • Tied arch bridges
  • Cable-stayed roof structures
  • Office buildings, airport terminals or other modern art structures
  • Observation wheel.
  • Guyed towers and antennas
  • Tension members
  • Stationary cables for ski lifts

Your benefits for
choosing FibreMax

Benefits of implementing FibreMax lightweight precision cables for your structural application:

  • 80 % lower weight than steel wire (at the same MBL)
  • 10% lower diameters than steel wire (at the same MBL)
  • No construction stretches
  • Exact lengths; length tolerance
  • Up to 40 years lifespan
  • Maintenance-free
  • No electrical conduction
  • Higher natural frequency
  • Ease of handling

Configurate your
Customized cable

Configurate your cable


1. Mining & Rigging

Surface mining is considered an extremely harsh and demanding environment. Surface mining relies strongly on the availability and effectiveness of critical assets, such as draglines and rope shovels.

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2. Offshore & Onshore Cranes

Today’s crane business focuses on heavy lifts at increasing reach and heights. Lifting offshore structures, power plant jobs, nuclear work, infrastructure projects, and windmill erection calls for cranes that reach increasing heights.

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3. Other Applications

We, as FibreMax, are the recognised worldwide leader in producing customised high-performance fibre cable solutions. With our experience, expertise and technology, our engineers can translate your requirements and needs into cable solutions meeting your complex challenges.

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4. Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy sources are more and more sought after. In a drive to reduce the carbon footprint of energy production, governments and utility companies have been spending time, effort and lots of money toward the development of ‘green’ energy sources.

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