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One of the fibres we use is aramid made with Twaron® or Technnora®, a robust fibre developed exclusively by Teijin Aramid. It has a high modulus, is thermally stable, and can withstand chemical and high general impacts. The unique properties of Twaron® or Technora® fibres used in our aramid cables give several significant advantages over steel-wire ropes, polyester or nylon ropes. At the same minimal break load (MBL), our aramid cables offer smaller diameters and lighter weight, resulting in foremost advantages concerning easier handling, increased safety, faster operations and downsized constructions.


The strongest fibre - Aramid:

– Good strength-to-weight ratio
– Low creep of 0,20%
– Good fatigue life
– Low elongation
– Good chemical resistance
– Non-conductive

Wide range of applicances
– Crane pendants
– Boom suspension ropes in mining machine
– Deep sea mooring
– Offshore and marine applications
– Heavy lifting
– Bridge stay cables
– Structural engineering
– Cables for Aviation
– Cables for Aerospace
– Guyed towers and antennas

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