Fibre of the future

One of the fibres we use is carbon due to its weight advantages and greater rigidity, along with strength.  Carbon is already widely used in aeronautics, space industries, sports and automotive. However, it also plays a role in civil and structural engineering, as well as offshore engineering.

Our FibreMax cables, made with Carbon T-700, are as strong as steel-wire ropes, polyester or nylon ropes at remarkably smaller diameters and lighter weight at the same minimal break load. The strength increase and weight reduction offer you remarkable advantages concerning easier handling, increased safety, faster operations, and downsized constructions.


Specifications of the carbon fibre:

  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Zero creep
  • Excellent fatigue life
  • Very low elongation
  • Good chemical resistance
FibreMax uses Carbon for the following markets:
– Special Applications Market
– Structural Engineering Market
– Other Applications Market


On & Offshore Cranes
FibreMaxAnd the worldwide offshore crane market
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On & Offshore Cranes
FibreMax & LIEBHERR LR 1800-1.0
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ComparisonFibreMax vs. Steel
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