Producer of
Lightweight synthetic
Made from
Aramid, Dyneema,
Carbon and PBO
100% Green
produced with
solar power only!


Today’s crane business focusses on heavy lifts at increasing reach and heights. Lifting of offshore structures, power plant jobs, nuclear work, infrastructure projects and windmill erection call for cranes that reach increasing heights. But with these increasing heights and subsequently increasing boom lengths also weight increases.


On long boom (crawler) cranes weight is essential. Normally cranes are equipped with heavy steel plate or steel wire rope pendants and steel connectors. By using light weight crane pendants a significant weight reduction over steel of more than 80% can be achieved.

Reducing weight on crane pendants will have the following advantages:

  • Added lifting capacity                                                                            
  • Longer booms                                       
  • Downsizing of construction details
  • Extended service life
  • Easier and faster installation
  • Easier and lighter transportation
  • Faster operations


Light weight crane pendants from FibreMax are available in any break load, diameter and length. With the highly automated innovative endless winding production process it is possible to produce crane pendants that are fully customized and adapted to customer’s requirements. All FibreMax crane pendants are in accordance with requirements for crane manufacturing as specified in standards EN 13000, FEM 5.004 and ISO 4308-2.


FibreMax crane pendants are produced with the end terminations directly incorporated during the winding process. The end terminations are custom-designed and available in any size assuring the smallest possible dimensions and lowest weight. Likely configurations as open sockets, closed sockets or a combination of both are available. The end terminations can be fully designed to meet customer requirements and to ensure interchangeability with existing parts in case of replacement.       


The crane pendants are corrosion free and need no maintenance. Since they are light weight they will also not damage the paint structure on the boom or other crane parts. All crane pendants are protected by a heavy duty chafe cover which is available in different colours (standard is black) upon request to match crane appearance.


Your choice for standard and custom crane pendants

Your benefits:

  • Up to 90% less weight compared to steel pendants
  • Available in any breaking strength (MBL) and lengths up to 140 meters
  • Exact lengths (tolerance <1mm)
  • No structural or construction stretch
  • High fatigue and service life (> 5 times of steel)
  • Increased lifting capacity
  • Longer boom possible
  • Easy assembly and speed up of erecting and dismantling of the crane
  • Low assembly weight
  • Easy transport
  • Easier/safer to handle and install
  • Corrosion free and no maintenance required
  • Custom made end terminations

FibreMax lightweight crane pendants are available for all crane types:

  • Crawler cranes
  • Mobile Cranes
  • All Terrain Cranes
  • Luffing Tower Cranes
  • Offshore Cranes


Fibremax has a range of rope shovel cables an dragline cables available for al types of cranes:


  • Cat dragline cables
  • Caterpillars dragline cables
  • Liebherr dragline cables
  • Bucyrus dragline cables
  • P&H dragline cables


  • Cat rope shovel cables
  • Caterpillars rope shovel cables
  • Liebherr rope shovel cables
  • Bucyrus rope shovel cables
  • P&H rope shovel cables