Producer of
Lightweight synthetic
Made from
Aramid, Dyneema,
Carbon and PBO
100% Green
produced with
solar power only!


The know-how of FibreMax with respect to cable constructions, characteristics, cable behaviour, end fittings, dimensions and tolerances as well as our experience is of great importance in the world of  “heavy lifting”.

When speaking of “heavy lifting” we mean the transportation, handling and installation of heavy items covering areas such as petrochemical, power generation, offshore, shipbuilding, civil or structural works and defence industry.

Examples are:

  • Erection and construction of bridges.
  • Offshore structures: Lifting & installing of offshore installation systems (platforms, mooring systems).
  • Building structures: Lifting of large (roof) structures such as aircraft hangers or sports stadiums.
  • Refineries: Erection of large assemblies.
  • Power and industrial: Lifting & installing of power stations and chemical plants.
  • Defence Industry: Helicopter lift cable, tank or vehicle salvage, maintenance or repair.
  • Crane manufacturing: Anchoring cables/rods or rigging support cables.

FibreMax lightweight precision cables are the right choice for any kind of  “heavy lifting” application. FibreMax specializes in providing the perfect “under the hook” solution.
FibreMax can supply lightweight precision cables that exceed conventional steel slings or wire rope constructions in terms of strength, weight, fatigue life and ease of handling. Not only will our cables contribute to safer and better lifting conditions, they also reduce costs in terms of handling and construction.

FibreMax can provide lifting companies and other industries with cables that suit their most demanding requests. The choice of FibreMax lightweight precision cables for these applications is based on the following characteristics:

  • 80 to 90% lower weight than steel wire *).
  • 10% lower diameters than steel wire *).
  • 30% lower weight than braided ropes *).
  • 30% lower diameters than braided ropes *).
  • No construction stretch.
  • Exact lengths; length tolerance
  • Torque balanced.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Corrosion free.
  • Ease of handling.

(*) When compared at the same break load).

Cables produced by FibreMax are available in any diameter and length. The increased strength and significant weight reduction over traditional material as steel wire rope or braided ropes offer many advantages in easier handling, safer and faster operations and downsizing of constructions.