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Made from
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Carbon and PBO
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Lightweight pendants for exchangable fly-jib

Together with TTS-NMF we designed a lightweight solution for the exchangeable fly-jib of the SAL Heavy Lift MV Lone. These cables have a breakload of 12.400kN each and weigh only 325 kilo grams! This makes it much easier and faster to (de-)mount.

Karsten Behrens, Director, SAL Engineering explains: “We worked for a long time on various designs together with TTS-NMF – the manufacturer of the cranes on our Type 183 vessels. It was essential that in addition to strong lifting capabilities, that it could be configurable in various modes hence adding to its applicability in various working scopes. Therefore, the Fly-Jib can be configured in a long (23 m) or a short (13 m) set-up and is adjustable in three different angles. It is designed to be interchangeable be-tween our Type 183 vessels and can, with modifications to the existing jib, be in-stalled on each of the cranes”. The Fly-Jib is designed to withstand the forces occurring during a sea voyage and can be installed using only the vessels existing cranes.

Breakload12.400 kN