Producer of
Lightweight synthetic
Made from
Aramid, Dyneema,
Carbon and PBO
100% Green
produced with
solar power only!

Liebherr suspension ropes

Over the last 5 years Liebherr and FibreMax have expanded their collaboration.
At this moment we supply pendants for more than 5 different crane types, in multiple applications.

 There are 3 different cable types:

– Flex:        Flexible pendant for additional or fly-jib guying
– Rigid:       Stiff pendant for the main boom suspension
– Flex-Rigid:  A self-folding pendant, for self-erecting cranes.

Why choose for Fibremax synthetic pendants?

–          80% lighter than its steel equivalent
–          It last up to 5 times longer than steel
–          Custom made, almost every length and breakload possible
–          Very accurate lengths
–          Short delivery lead times

The crane operator will see these advantages in a shorter assembly and dismantling time.
Another big advantage heard from the market is the easy and very safe handling on site due to the extremely lightweight cables.

LocationAll over the world