Producer of
Lightweight synthetic
Made from
Aramid, Dyneema,
Carbon and PBO
100% Green
produced with
solar power only!

Aramid cables

FibreMax aramid cables are made with Twaron® or Technora®, which is a very strong fibre developed and produced exclusively by Teijin Aramid.

HMPE cables

FibreMax HMPE cables are mainly produced with Dyneema®. Dyneema®, invented by DSM Dyneema, is a High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) fibre.

Carbon cables

Carbon fibres are used in a wide variety of applications in industry because of their weight advantages and greater rigidity and strength.

End fittings / Cable terminations

All FibreMax cables are supplied as standard with end fittings. Due to our unique endless winding production process the fittings are directly incorporated during this process.

FibreMax can produce lightweight precision cables out of almost any fibre material. The choice for the right fibre is depending on the characteristics of the application.