Wind Expo

FibreMax, established in 2009, manufactures lightweight synthetic tendons using its proprietary endless-winding production process. These tendons are constructed with the strongest and most durable fibers, such as Dyneema and Twaron, and are primarily used in off- and onshore cranes. However, the company's focus is shifting towards the rapidly growing floating wind market, where they offer a unique solution: mooring cables that are 85% lighter than steel and have a lifespan of over 30 years.

Recently, FibreMax signed an exclusive sales representation agreement with Tokyo Equipment Company, a significant step in their international expansion. The CEO, Duco Handgraaf, stated that the company sees a great future in the floating wind market and is ready for substantial expansion of production facilities, workforce and foreign representation. The Director of Renewable Energy, Sander van Helvoort, also sees excellent opportunities in this exclusive agreement with TEC, and sees a huge opportunity in the Japanese market to support and accelerate the renewable industry with their unique and patented solutions.