Unique production

After renewing and increasing our production facility, we also decided to increase our machine park. Now, we officially welcomed our newest “member” of FibreMax – a custom made laser cutting machine.

Usually, in the final processing step of the production, our well-trained production technicians cut off the leftover polyester cover from the cables and clean the end fittings from any obstacles. This process buried risks for our employees due to the extreme heat and sharp devices used to fulfil the final step of producing our cables.

In order to protect our employees and provide them with a greater level of security, we searched long for a safe alternative. After an extended research, we had to create perfect solution ourselves - a new, state-of-the-art robotic laser machine.

Our new robotic arm is not only working safely on its own but also provides FibreMax and automatically our clients with many advantages.

We drive effectiveness to another level.

The new laser cutter is precisely working, exactly as the production technicians install it, ensuring that each cable is cleaned and fixed uniquely. Due to the preciseness of 0,1 per cent, the robotic laser cutter reduces the risk of product damage to nearly zero per cent.

Efficiency is the key.

To understand why we increased our FibreMax machine park, we need to determine the time duration of the finalisation step. Removing all leftover fibres and other material from an end termination takes an average of 30 minutes per end termination, equalling one hour per cable.

Since our clients and the markets which they are in, as well as the crane market and also the renewable energy market, are constantly growing and expanding, we have to grow and expand as well. With an average of 200 cables per month, we need up to 200 hours to finalise our production, causing us to lose valuable time and our clients to wait longer for their end products. This is, of course, something we can do better. So, we decided to go for our new and innovative robot arm. This is not only protecting our employees but also provides our clients with a quick and high-quality product.

Together we grow with our clients and their demands to always provide them with the strongest cable in the world.

FibreMax – we do not wait for change; we create it!