Fibremax is a leading provider of
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for a wide range of industries.

As experts in the field, we understand the unique demands of each industry and work closely with our customers to create custom-built cables that meet their specific needs. Our main focus is on TLP's for the offshore renewable market, mainly offshore windmills. We are also a trusted partner in the crane industry, providing durable and reliable cables that can withstand heavy loads. But our expertise doesn't stop there. We are also the preferred supplier for the aerospace and mining industries, providing specially designed cables that can withstand harsh environments and heavy loads. We also cater to niche markets such as providing cables for tents and underwater applications such as cable braiding. At Fibremax, we are committed to delivering high-performance, reliable cables that exceed industry standards. With our diverse range of applications, Fibremax cables are the perfect solution for any industry in need of top-quality, dependable cables.


Floatingwind / TLP

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On and offshore

Crane technology has advanced to allow for heavy lifting at greater heights and reach, making them crucial for various industries such as offshore structures, power plants, infrastructure projects and windmill erection. However, as the height and boom length of cranes increase, so does their weight. To address this issue, Fibremax offers a solution with its unique aramid cables. These cables are lightweight yet strong and provide improved safety and efficiency in crane operations, particularly in offshore and high-reach applications.

In depth


Renewable energy sources are a globally significant topic, as the world looks to reduce the carbon footprint of energy production and gain independence from countries that sell their natural resources. In this effort, governments and utility companies are investing time, effort and money in the development of green energy sources, such as wind, wave and tidal energy. FibreMax is at the forefront of this push, expanding the field of possibilities in these renewable energy sources. After the successful development of wind farms, both shallow and offshore, the focus has shifted to deeper waters. The renewable energy market is in urgent need of a long-lasting product with low maintenance that delivers at the highest level. FibreMax tethers provide the perfect solution for attaching tension leg platforms and wave-buoys, as they can withstand millions of load cycles and allow for easy handling and installation.



FibreMax is a leading producer of high-strength and lightweight cables for cranes and offshore wind platforms. Their cables are designed to withstand the demanding loads and conditions, making them a preferred choice for many companies. Additionally, FibreMax cables are also used in the aerospace, mining and underwater industries where their strength, durability and versatility are highly valued. Their cables are known for their superior strength and resistance to corrosion, making them a reliable choice for a wide range of demanding applications.


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