FibreMax is the recognised worldwide leader in producing customised high-performance fibre-cable solutions.

With our experience, expertise and technology, our engineers can translate your requirements and needs into cable solutions to meet your complex challenges.

We can provide complete engineering and product development services, from small-scale prototyping to high-volume manufactured products.

FibreMax offers complete testing services, such as break-load testing, proof-load assessment, tension-tension fatigue testing and more. All our tests are performed at certified laboratories on calibrated equipment only.Discover the wide range of applications for FibreMax's advanced solutions, extending beyond cranes and Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs) for renewable energy. Our innovative technology caters to various industries, including mining, aerospace, aquaculture, structural engineering, and more. Experience the power of FibreMax's versatile and cutting-edge solutions, designed to meet diverse needs and challenges.

Mining Solutions:
Enhancing Efficiency and Safety

FibreMax's lightweight and durable cables are revolutionizing the mining industry by offering increased efficiency and safety in various applications, such as cable support systems, winching, and lifting equipment. Our corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance cables reduce operational costs and downtime, contributing to the overall productivity of mining operations.


Aerospace Solutions:
Pushing the Boundaries of Performance

FibreMax's high-strength cables offer innovative solutions for structural engineering applications, including bridge construction, building reinforcement, and cable-stayed structures. Our advanced cable technology provides increased strength, reduced weight, and enhanced durability, making them ideal for modern infrastructure projects.


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Innovative solutions

Key Benefits of FibreMax Innovative Solutions

Choosing FibreMax for your industry-specific applications offers numerous advantages, such as:

  • Versatility across multiple industries and applications
  • Enhanced efficiency and safety in various operations
  • Corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance cables
  • Lightweight and durable solutions for improved performance
  • Customizable options tailored to unique requirements

FibreMax's innovative solutions provide unparalleled versatility and performance across a wide range of industries and applications. With a focus on efficiency, safety, and durability, FibreMax is the top choice for addressing diverse challenges and needs in mining, aerospace, aquaculture, structural engineering, and beyond.

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1. Mining & Rigging

Surface mining is considered an extremely harsh and demanding environment. Surface mining relies strongly on the availability and effectiveness of critical assets, such as draglines and rope shovels.

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2. Offshore & Onshore Cranes

Today’s crane business focuses on heavy lifts at increasing reach and heights. Lifting of offshore structures, power plant jobs, nuclear work, infrastructure projects and windmill erection call for cranes that reach increasing heights.

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3. Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy sources are more and more sought after. In a drive to reduce the carbon footprint of energy production, governments and utility companies have been spending time, effort and lots of money toward the development of ‘green’ energy sources.

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4. Structural Engineering

The know-how of FibreMax concerning cable constructions, characteristics, cable behaviour, end fittings, dimensions and tolerances, as well as our experience, is of great importance in the world of  “heavy lifting”.

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    alt="CAT 7495HF"
    Innovative solutions

    Main boom suspension ropesCAT Rope Shovel 7495HF

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    ComparisonFibreMax vs. Steel

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    alt="Endless Winding"

    European Regional Development FundEndless Winding Robot 2.0.

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