Our cables are not only a superior alternative to traditional steel cables and plates but also a game-changer in the construction industry. Let us unveil the unmatched advantages of FibreMax aramid cables.

Strength and Lightness Combined:

FibreMax cables are meticulously crafted from aramid fibers, expertly wound in parallel around the end fittings. This unique manufacturing process results in cables with the same strength and rigidity as steel, but with a staggering 85% reduction in weight. The lightweight nature of our cables revolutionizes crane construction, enabling cranes to hoist heavier loads while enhancing overall safety and efficiency during installation and dismantling.

Durability that Endures:

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond strength and lightness. FibreMax cables boast an exceptional lifespan of 25+ years, virtually the need for frequent replacements. Enjoy unparalleled reliability and cost savings with our cables that stand the test of time.

Enhanced Crane Performance:

With FibreMax aramid cables, crane constructions become lighter, enabling higher lifting capacities and optimizing operational efficiency. The reduced weight translates into increased stability and a more agile crane, improving overall performance and productivity.

Safety and Efficiency Redefined:

FibreMax cables simplify crane (de)installation procedures, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. Our cables offer a safer working environment due to their lightweight and easy-handling properties. Say goodbye to laborious manual handling and embrace streamlined operations.

Offshore Excellence:

In the challenging offshore environments where corrosive seawater poses a constant threat, FibreMax cables emerge as the perfect solution. Our cables require no maintenance and are impervious to corrosion, ensuring optimal performance and reliability even in the harshest conditions.

Trusted by Industry Giants:

The biggest and most renowned crane manufacturers in the world, including Liebherr, Huisman, TTS NMF, Favelle Favco, Manitowoc, Sennebogen, and Kroll Cranes, have already placed their trust in FibreMax aramid cables.

We are proud to have contributed to landmark projects like the Liebherr offshore crane HLC295000 on the DEME ORION vessel, where our cables, certified by DNV, showcased a record-breaking strength of 17,000kN

Certified Excellence:

Our commitment to quality is validated by certifications from leading industry bodies like DNV, ClassNK, and Lloyd's. Rest assured, with FibreMax cables, you are investing in unparalleled safety and performance.

Embrace the future of construction cranes with FibreMax aramid cables. Redefine strength, safety, and efficiency in your projects. Join the league of industry leaders who have already experienced the power of FibreMax.

Lightweight pendants
for onshore cranes

The onshore crane market is growing, driven by innovation. Decreasing weight and increasing heights and lengths on long boom cranes is becoming vital, and replacing heavy steel plates or steel-wire rope pendants is essential to reach the new limits needed. FibreMax can support you during your process of innovative change – thanks to our patented lightweight crane pendant solution, weight can be decreased by 85% compared with steel.

Lightweight pendants
for offshore cranes

The offshore crane market is developing towards modernity, and traditional steel plates cause challenges during the crane’s maintenance and build-up. FibreMax can support your process of innovative development. Our lightweight crane pendants decrease weight significantly, preventing heavy construction and high maintenance costs.

Your benefits in choosing
the strongest pendant in the world

  • +


    85 per cent weight reduction compared to steel pendants

  • +

    Get ahead of your competition

    Increased boom length and load chart

  • +

    Offering advantages

    Easy handling, easy transportation, and no maintenance

  • +


    Lasting seven times longer than crane life

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