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FibreMax’s unique but practical process produces its cables with the help of both manpower and several patented machines. FibreMax has 19 (as of 2023) different world patents on its machines and production process.

Comparison of solutions
FibreMax vs. Steel

Fibremax Steelcable
Excellent strength-to-weight ratio Check Not
Long fatigue life Check Not
Lasting for more than 750,000 full load cycles Check Not
Integrated end termination Check Not
Break load up to 24,000 kN Check Not
Low maintenance Check Not
Recycable Check Check

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1. Aramid

At FibreMax, we use an aramid called Twaron®, which is a very robust fibre developed exclusively by Teijin Aramid. It has a high modulus, has almost no creep, is thermally stable, and can withstand chemical and high general impacts.

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Our FibreMax cables made with HMPE are as strong as steel-wire, polyester or nylon ropes, but offer a smaller diameter and significantly lighter weight at minimal break loads. Calculate your cable.

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3. Carbon

FibreMax Carbon. Using this material in its cables lead to its impressive weight advantages and increased rigidity. These cables are just as strong as traditional steel-wire, polyester, and nylon ropes, yet boast a smaller diameter and lighter weight while maintaining minimal break loads.

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