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FibreMax produces its cables in a unique and practical matter with the help of men power and several patented machines. In total, FibreMax has 15 different world patents on the machines and production process and over 80 country-specific ones.

The creation part begins with the research and drawing. The project managers determine based on the information and needs given by the client the best fitting fibre, the diameter of a cable and end termination. With the help of a technical drawing made with the help of drawing software, the completed information will be transferred in the form of an order to the production hall.

The production hall, located in Joure, the Netherlands, and the office are directly connected to the development offices, allowing creating the perfect solution in very close progress.

After the order arrives in the production hall, the head of production proves the availability of fibres and orders the end fittings, which are custom-made by a partner of FibreMax.

How it is made
The life of a FibreMax fibre

Winding Technology

We use our unique endless winding technology in the production of cables. This is a completely automated process in which synthetic fibres are continuously wound in parallel strands around two end fittings – until the right cable strength is reached. Our endless winding robot (EWR) achieves precision and consistency of up to 0.1% equal tension quotient.



Tests have shown that FibreMax precision fibre cable lasts up to seven times longer than steel wire at the same minimum breaking load (MBL). To be precise, our cable quickly reaches 750,000 load cycles. This means you can look forward to at least 30+ years of optimal use.



1. Aramid

We, as FibreMax, use Aramid called TWARON™, a very robust fibre developed exclusively by Teijin Aramid. It has a high modulus, has almost no creep is thermally stable, and can withstand chemical and high general impacts.

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Our FibreMax cables made with HMPE are as strong as steel-wire ropes, polyester or nylon ropes but offer smaller diameters and significantly lighter weight at minimal break loads.

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3. Carbon

Our FibreMax carbon cables are as strong as steel-wire ropes, polyester or nylon ropes at remarkably smaller diameters and lighter weight at the same minimal break load.

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