Steel belongs to the

FibreMax and Teijin have had a strong and long-lasting relationship since the inception of FibreMax and even prior to that. Teijin has supported the development of FibreMax in the offshore and onshore crane markets over the years. In 2004, when FibreMax began producing rigging solutions for super-yachts and racing boats under the name SmartRigging, Teijin provided support with their strongest aramid fibers.

In addition to the tremendous support received, there are several reasons for the strong connection between FibreMax and Teijin. Firstly, Teijin produces its aramid fibers in the Netherlands, which allows FibreMax to maintain a robust and transparent supply chain by buying locally and selling globally.

Furthermore, the vital Research and Development support received from Teijin over the years has enabled FibreMax to push the limits in the world of crane pendants. Through their strong aramid fibers and FibreMax's unique production method, they have created a product that no one else can achieve.

The high efficiency of the fibers and FibreMax's unique winding technology enable them to produce the strongest pendants, using 30 to 40 percent less fiber than other synthetic ropes with comparable break loads. As a result of this unique production process, FibreMax pendants with Teijin's aramid fibers experience almost no creep or elongation compared to ropes.

FibreMax and Teijin combine the best of both worlds by offering not only the lightest but also the strongest crane pendants in the world. This was demonstrated in 2020 when FibreMax achieved the world record for the strongest cable with a break load of 17.020 kN. This world record is being put to good use in one of the largest offshore cranes ever produced by Liebherr.

Currently, FibreMax and Teijin are entering the next phase in crane pendants and aramid usage. Teijin is no longer the only producer of one of the strongest fibers in the world but is also determined to be the first to have circular aramid fibers commercially available. The Twaron® Green Fiber has a high modulus, almost no creep, and is thermally stable, making it capable of withstanding chemical and high-impact stresses.

FibreMax has been given the opportunity to test a crane pendant made of circular fiber. The results of the test, which were more than positive, will be available soon to watch online on all of their social media platforms, their website, and of course, at Teijin.

FibreMax & Teijin – steel belongs to the past.