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Our role in the renewable energy sector has been growing tremendously for the last few years. Especially the wind, tidal, and water energy sectors, as well as, floating solar and aquaculture are our focus markets. Innovative applications, such as Tension Leg Platforms, reach a new level of qualities and innovativeness with the help of the strongest tendons by FibreMax.

But what makes FibreMax the best fitting solution for these applications? Many reasons make FibreMax the best solution.


FibreMax tendons are certified by many different qualifications. For example, FibreMax obtained the Approval of Manufacturing by DNV-GL. Additionally, FibreMax is approved by Lloyd’s Register, as well as ClassNK registrations.

Tendon durability

Fatigue tests by IFT Stuttgart prove how durable our FibreMax tendons are. FibreMax tendons last a minimum of 30 years on each application. Meaning, that cables can keep underwater at a depth of up to 225 metres and beyond. They last minimum of 30 years without maintenance needed. Tension Leg Platforms require reliable cables with the most durable possible service life without maintenance. That is why FibreMax is proud to announce that the tendons perform over 7,5 million complete load cycles underwater. Compared to FibreMax, steel has a smaller fatigue life due to lower resistance to chemical and outside environmental influences.


Ninety-nine per cent of our FibreMax tendons are recyclable. Additionally, our production operates with a negative carbon footprint due to our solar energy panels installed on our roofs. We are currently working with our strong partner Teijin on a circular project. Together we are creating the most durable tendons with the greenest fibre possible. FibreMax can proudly announce that within 13 years of business, an LTI frequency rate of 0 has been achieved.


We, as FibreMax, can always guarantee that we deliver our tendons on time. Our team works thoroughly and consistently, ensuring that each product is produced in the quickest and best manner. FibreMax puts a great emphasis on safe production, guaranteed with highly-trained personnel, as well as an automatised and robotised production. Our tendons are available in any break load, diameter and length, whereby they are produced with high scalability and a level of accuracy of 0,1 per cent.


Needless to say, FibreMax stands for innovativeness. Not only does our tendon provide you with advantages in weight, durability, and load cycles, but it also provides you with the most innovative solution for your tension leg platforms and other renewable energy solutions. Together, we can create a greener world and stay at the forefront of the energy transition.