How we produce the
world's strongest cable

We, as FibreMax, produce the world’s strongest synthetic tension members in our production facility in Joure, the Netherlands.

The tension members are produced with the help of a unique production process patented with 16 world patents. What makes it even more special is that the production is not only automated but also double-checked by our highly qualified production team. From the beginning until the end of the production, our tension members are being watched and controlled to guarantee high quality and low risk for our clients and their clients.

The creation of our tension members starts with the design process. The client determines which break load, length, and hardware specifications are needed for the project. With the help of this information, our technical designers and engineers virtually create tension members, whereby the diameter, material, and future specifications are defined.

After designing the cable, the actual production process begins. Firstly, the end termination will be individually created and laser marked. The article number and production year can be found on the end termination, as well as an individual QR code. Around these end terminations, the chosen fibres are parallel wound. This parallel winding procedure causes the end termination to be integrated within the cable, and no splicing is needed. FibreMax is the only company in the world able to produce synthetic cables with nearly every fibre available, such as Aramid, Dyneema, Carbon, and PBO.

Followed by the winding process, the FibreMax cables are lashed and taped. With the help of this step, excess air will be removed out of the cable, and the product will be sealed from ingrain and UV. This step is concluded by the braiding process, whereby three layers of braid are coated around the cable. Firstly, a red layer of braid is woven around the cable to signalise that the most inner layer of the fibres is reached. Additionally, two layers of black braid are layered above to provide the cable with an even higher level of protection without adding a significant amount of weight to the end product.

Finally, the cable will be additionally equipped with an individualised anti-twist marking in the colour of choice. Furthermore, the final quality check of the end product will be conducted, whereby the product will be thoroughly checked, before shipping it to the client.

THIS is how we do it!

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