the strongest synthetic pendant

In today’s business, offshore projects follow the trend of bigger, higher, heavier. This new development influences the need for efficiently installations and limitations of space. But which is the safest and most efficient solution? The answer is; FibreMax lightweight precision aramid pendants.

Cranes using FibreMax lightweight pendants outperform other offshore crane companies using steel cables in every capacity. Our cables are virtually indestructible, last 20 times longer than a crane on full performance potential. There is no need to replace them, and compared to other steel-wire and synthetic rope producers, if there is a need to dismantle the pendants, it makes it an easy task since FibreMax pendants are 85 per cent lighter.

Uniquely produced with our Endless Winding Robot.

Our automated and unique Endless Winding Robot is processing the synthetic fibres parallelly around the end terminations. With the help of our EWR, our products are created with the highest preciseness and repeatability.

The strongest cable in the world – fully customized.

Thanks to our patented winding process, we can create the strongest aramid cable in the world. On 31st January 2020, we successfully attempted the world record for the strongest aramid cable with a breaking strength of 17,020 kN. But we will not stop there; currently, we are busy breaking our own world record by reaching a breaking strength of 24,000 kN.

Due to the low creep and high preciseness level of our cables, we can create aramid pendants for each application. With the help of the minimum break load and the demanded length, we calculate the needed windings to create the best-customized cable for our client. We can create cables of up to 180-meter lengths, but for us, the sky is the limit. We do not shy away from a challenge.

The strongest fibre for the offshore crane market.

Our aramid pendants are produced with the strongest Teijin TWARON Aramid. Due to the high quality of these fibres, our cables have high strength, low creep, dimensional stability, long lifetime, and good chemical resistance.

Another bonus: Teijin Aramid makes our cables even more sustainable due to its low carbon footprint.

Our clients count on us and our products.

Two of our strongest partners, Huisman Equipment and Liebherr, have been counting for years on our experience in the market of offshore pendants. Martijn Haasnoot from Huisman Equipment stated why these companies always choose again for FibreMax: “FibreMax lightweight pendants are easy to handle during installation. FibreMax has always been able to deliver right on time for this BigLift project. And when it comes to certifications, we’re certain we’ve made the right choice with FibreMax.”

Certified pendants.

FibreMax pendants are certified by DNV for several classifications and the AOM, approval of manufacturer. Additionally, we are also proud to announce that we have the Llyod’s Register quality mark and the ClassNK quality mark, specialised in the Japanese market.

FibreMax – The strongest choice on the offshore crane market.