The strongest

Renewable energy sources are an upcoming topic on a global scale. In a drive to reduce the carbon footprint of fossil fuel-intensive practices, governments and utility companies have been spending time, effort and lots of money towards the development of green energy sources.

Wind energy, wave and tidal energy are great examples of such where FibreMax pushes to expand the field of possibilities. After the development of wind farms, both shallow and offshore, the focus has shifted to deeper waters. The renewable energy market is urgently searching for a long-time lasting product with a low need for maintenance, constantly delivering at the highest level. But the search ends now: The solution is FibreMax!

The most durable choice.

FibreMax introduces the strongest, most durable and sustainable TLP tendon ever made. Especially, Tension Leg Platforms require strong cables with the longest possible service life without maintenance. That is why FibreMax is proud to announce that the tendons hold for over 7,5 million full load cycles underwater. Furthermore, the tendons have the lowest weight-to-stiffness ratio, as well as unique load-sharing capabilities. FibreMax tendons also require no sub-sea tensioners, decreasing the service cost of the TLP

New energy avenues.

Due to the strength and endless lifespan of FibreMax tendons, the development of new technologies will be enabled for a greener tomorrow. The endless wound tendons from FibreMax have, due to their unique production method and the absence of internal friction, a minimum lifespan of 30 years. Combined with no need for maintenance, these tendons enable the energy transition. Until now, FibreMax has proved its strength and success in the renewable energy sector with projects, such as GICON, Sigma Energies, Minesto, and SeaQurrent.

Opening up the horizon.

The endless wound tendons from FibreMax, extend the possibilities in future energy transition development in any environment beyond reach. FibreMax stands at the forefront of the battle against climate change. Especially in the field of production, FibreMax is highly innovative and opens up the horizon to new possibilities. The endless wound tendons can not only be produced with the help of DSM Dyneema, but every fibre wanted can be used to produce the endless wound product.

Certified quality.

FibreMax is certified by DNV for several classifications and the AOM, approval of manufacturer. Additionally, FibreMax also has the Llyod’s Register quality mark and the ClassNK quality mark. Furthermore, the production process, as well as the Endless Winding Robot, used to produce the high-quality tendons are patented with over 15 world patents.

Safe and sustainable.

With the help of over 2000 solar panels, the production and office work of FibreMax is 100 per cent sun-powered. Not only, the facility is green but also the new machines are. Due to the unique method of production, all machines are energy-saving on themselves. Choosing FibreMax is an additional green choice since over 99% of the high-end tendons are recyclable. FibreMax puts a great emphasis on safe production, guaranteed with highly-trained personal, as well as an automatised and robotized production. FibreMax can proudly announce that within 13 years of business, a LTI frequency rate of 0 has been achieved.

FibreMax – the greenest, most durable and strongest choice for the renewable energy sector.