Our goals for

2022 – a new year begins allowing a fresh and more vigorous start. This year is going to be exciting for FibreMax, as well as for you, our strong clients and partners. We, as FibreMax, have set ourselves several powerful goals for the year 2022 – making this year truly special.

Increase your experience

To give you an even closer look behind the scenes of FibreMax, this year, we will put a stronger focus on taking you with us throughout the year. Great projects, remarkable new developments and localised content – all for you made available online. Furthermore, we will be active at many fairs – so stay tuned for that!

Expand in the field of renewable energy

Last year, in 2021, we had made significant steps and contributions in the field of tidal, wind, and water energy. This year, we will go even further and consolidate an even more profound position in this market with our robust solutions. Our business development manager Sander van Helvoort will travel worldwide to bring our cables to you at exhibitions, conferences and your facilities. Furthermore, we will increase our research in renewable energies to create an even stronger and more durable tendon for you.

Expand in the field of offshore and onshore cranes

Also, in the offshore and onshore crane segments, we will consolidate our position. Our new business development manager, Marc Dirkse, will also travel around the world with our lightweight pendants in his bags to show you why our solution is the best in your field of expertise. Also, here, we will deepen our research to improve our lightweight and long-lasting crane pendants and make them even more suitable for each application.

Go even greener

In the field of sustainability, we are already at the forefront. In 2022, we want to go even further by testing new materials for our pendants and tendons. Together with Teijin, we will test the new sustainable circular Twaron. With this new material, we can provide you and your clients a more sustainable, more transparent product providing you with the highest quality while decreasing your ecological footprint.

Growing even further

Not only our clients are growing, but we are as well. Thanks to great, new and strong projects, our production facility will increase in 2022. By the end of summer 2022, our production facility will measure 12,000 square meters, whereby we can produce cables of several hundred meters in length. Another great news of the year is that we will build an entirely new production facility to support even more significant and stronger projects for our clients in the renewable energy sector!

So, as you can read, 2022 will be an excellent year for FibreMax and you, as our clients and partners! Stay tuned for significant projects, fairs, and many more great updates!