In the offshore crane world, a new trend has taken hold: bigger, higher, heavier, and efficiently installing are the order of the day. Due to this, crane manufacturers are forced to continuously increase their efficient space usage.

Now comes up the question at crane manufacturers: What is the most efficient and safest solution? The answer is: the lightweight cables of FibreMax.

Offshore cranes using FibreMax fibre cables outperform cranes with steel cables in every capacity. They are virtually indestructible and hold, on average, up to 20 times longer than the life span of an average offshore crane. We deliver the perfect cables for your offshore crane! Once you install them, you will never need to replace them. But if you do need to dismantle them, their lightweight makes that an easy manpower task.

Several offshore crane manufacturers, like Huisman Equipment, TTS-NMF, and Liebherr, to name a few, are already working with our cables.

Not only our lightweight precision but also our customised pendants are reasons for choosing FibreMax. Other strong factors are:

  • Certified safety: Our cables’ strength and quality have been demonstrated in different environments and under all conditions possible. For offshore crane applications our products are approved by DNV, Lloyd’s Register and ClassNK.
  • Up to 90% weight savings: In comparison to steel cables, our FibreMax cables are up to 90 % lighter. Weight savings equal fewer fuel consumptions, space savings, lower transportation costs and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • High-quality fibres: Our offshore applications are uniquely produced with Aramids by Teijin. Teijin Aramid offers the highest strength, a very low creep and good chemical resistance.

Do you want to know more about our offshore crane applications? Then do not hesitate to contact us!