Offshore Energy
Event & Conference 2021

The year 2021 – it was silent for a long time. Due to the pandemic, we had no physical place to network and get in touch with other companies and partners. But on the 26th to 27th of October, 2021, it started again; finally, again, trade shows & the Offshore Energy Event & Conference 2021!

That trade show was not only one of the first fairs we have visited in the last two years, but this time, for the first time, we had our own stand presenting our cables, projects, as well as new developments in the renewable energy sector. It was a great opportunity to not only network and create new connections but also get in touch with our existing clients, such as Huisman Shipping, BigLift, Liebherr, and many more. We, as FibreMax, presented our lightweight precision cable, the strongest tendons on the market and the world, used for offshore cranes and Tension Leg Platforms. The trade show offered us great opportunities to present our unique products, which are indispensable in the roll-out of floating wind.

Another highlight on this trade show; on Tuesday, we have received the unique opportunity to introduce FibreMax to everyone. In the category “Energy Talks: The Game Changers”, we have talked over our cables, projects, and how green the future for FibreMax and the renewable energy sector will be. At the end of this blog, you can find the link to the article on Offshore Energy containing our interview.

But what are our key takeaways from our first big trade show of 2021?

We have seen that the offshore energy sector is definitely a big market with tremendous growth potential. What is even better, we have seen that the market is becoming even more significant, and even more players are joining this sector with their innovations.

You can certainly see that the renewable energy sector and sustainability are developing rapidly. Also, the wish for renewable energy alternatives and sustainability is becoming even more significant. And we, as FibreMax, fit right into this development. FibreMax supports this market and these developments with a strong pillar for the renewable energy sector with our lightweight, durable TLP tendons.

Here you find the link to our interview: .

Everyone who has missed us in October at the OEEC can already mark their calendars for next year October. In 2022 we will stand on the BAUMA and answer every question and open your horizon for the strongest cable in the world! You will be able to see and feel our product, as well as learn about the technical innovations of the strongest cable in the world. We are excited to see you!