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Imagine that you are standing on a beach, flying a kite in the wind. You feel the strong lift force from the kite in the rope as the wind tries to carry the kite away. As you move the kite sideways, you notice that it flies fast – way faster than the wind is blowing.

If you would attach a turbine to the kite and put it in the ocean, where a water current flows instead of the wind blowing, you would have the concept of Deep Green, Minesto’s patented and awarded ocean energy power plant.

This complete structure is attached to the bottom with an ingenious end fitting and the 110 metres tether. To make a tether this high-tech FibreMax found a great partner in DSM Dyneema.

One of the big challenges was to find a suitable fibre that could withstand the enormous forces and last for years. The solution for this challenge came from  DSM Dyneema with DM20. This fibre is creep resistant, has the highest strength to weight ratio and excellent fatique resistance.

After a lot of engineering, investing and testing they came up with a special multiple assembled yarn and custom twist. This yarn enables us the make the strongest possible tether, that can withstand the forces of nature for years to come!