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FibreMax Boom Pendant Solutions: Revolutionizing Surface Mining Operations

FibreMax is proud to offer innovative, lightweight boom pendants that are designed to withstand tension fatigue and deliver up to ten times longer service life compared to traditional steel wire ropes. Our customizable pendants cater to the specific requirements and machine types of our clients, ensuring optimum performance for your surface mining operations.

Advantages of FibreMax's
Lightweight Pendants

Our maintenance-free, lightweight pendants provide numerous benefits over conventional solutions, including:

  1. Improved Productivity: FibreMax's pendants enhance the efficiency and reliability of your mining equipment, ensuring uninterrupted operations and increased output.
  2. Reduced Maintenance Costs: The long service life of our pendants minimizes the need for frequent replacements and repairs, resulting in lower maintenance expenses.
  3. Lower Operational Costs: The lightweight design of our pendants leads to reduced energy consumption, contributing to overall cost savings.

Applications of
FibreMax Pendants

Our advanced boom pendants are designed for demanding surface mining operations and are ideally suited for use in:

Dragline Cables

Dragline excavators are crucial components in surface mining operations worldwide. With an average operating life of 40 years and continuous 24/7 operations, these machines demand reliable and efficient dragline cables. FibreMax pendants ensure smooth performance and longevity, optimizing the productivity of your dragline excavators.

Rope Shovel Cables

Rope shovels are employed for digging and loading materials in surface mining operations, including iron ore, coal, lignite, gold, and potash mining. Known for their efficiency and productivity, rope shovels operate in demanding environments around the clock. FibreMax's lightweight pendants provide exceptional durability, enhancing the overall efficiency of your rope shovels.


Configure any cable
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Choose FibreMax Boom Pendant Solutions Today

Upgrade your surface mining operations with FibreMax's cutting-edge boom pendant solutions. Our expert team is available to help you select the perfect pendants for your equipment, ensuring optimal performance and durability. Contact us today to learn more about FibreMax's advanced pendants and how they can revolutionize your mining operations.

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1. Cranes

Today’s crane business focuses on heavy lifts at increasing reach and heights. Lifting of offshore structures, power plant jobs, nuclear work, infrastructure projects and windmill erection call for cranes that reach increasing heights.

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2. Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy sources are more and more sought after. In a drive to reduce the carbon footprint of energy production, governments and utility companies have been spending time, effort and lots of money toward the development of ‘green’ energy sources.

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3. Structural Engineering

The know-how of FibreMax concerning cable constructions, characteristics, cable behaviour, end fittings, dimensions and tolerances, as well as our experience, is of great importance in the world of  “heavy lifting”.

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4. Other Applications

We, as FibreMax, are the recognised worldwide leader in producing customised high-performance fibre cable solutions. With our experience, expertise and technology, our engineers can translate your requirements and needs into cable solutions meeting your complex challenges.

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