In Joure, the heart of

When FibreMax was found in 2008, the company first started working in a small production facility at the beginning of the industry terrain in Joure, the Netherlands. 13 years later, we officially opened up our additional part of our new production facility, providing us with 6100 square meters of space.

But how did we come here, and where is the future bringing us?

As mentioned above, FibreMax was found in 2008. It was created by the mother company SmartRigging B.V., a producer and supplier of the strongest synthetic yacht rigging solutions. FibreMax started to grow and establish a name in the crane market after the first client Huisman Equipment B.V. began to work with our synthetic crane pendants. From there on, FibreMax gained more and more clients in different segments. In the crane market, in structural engineering, as well as in special engineering – our synthetic lightweight cables can be found all around the world.

In 2018, we moved to a bigger production facility, where our company is still located today. At this point, we also added a new market to our portfolio – the renewable energy market. Thanks to the energy transition happening around the world, we are able to provide a big contribution to make the world a more sustainable place! Our thrive for sustainability makes us proud, and this is also what we are representing with our production facility in Joure.

We are proud to state that, with the help of over 2000 solar panels, our production and office work is 100 per cent sun-powered. Additionally, we are using solar energy to heat our 6100 square meters of production in winter and keep it cool in summer. Not only, our facility is green but also our new machines are. During the creation of the additional production hall, we also added new laser machines and Endless Winding Robots to our collection, which are energy-saving on their own by a unique production method.

By now, we are honoured to partner with many onshore crane producers and offshore wind turbine manufacturers around the world. Our synthetic cables improve the quality of transportation and handling in a green matter for wind park producers. Additionally, our synthetic cables last more than 30 years without maintenance needs, which is not only unique but also sustainable.

The renewable energy market around the world is ready for growth, and so are we. Not only our production facility is growing but also our drive for sustainability.

We are ready for the future!